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If you’ve got curly hair, we bet you’ve had a bad experience or two in a salon. Unfortunately, many cosmetology schools don’t focus on how to effectively cut or color hair of various textures and curl patterns. In order to be an expert with curly hair, you have to take specialized courses. And that’s exactly what @pennyhundleyhairartist of Blondies Salon & Spa in Columbus has done. She’s a curl magician, and we are in awe everyday of the curl transformations we see in her chair. ​​​​​​​​

Our Stylists Understand Curly Hair & Textured Hair

Are you a curly haired person who is afraid of hair cuts?

​​​​​​​​It can be terrifying to let just anyone cut your curls. If your stylist doesn’t understand how curly hair shrinks once it is dry or that it can’t be cut the same way as straight hair, you can be in for a disappointing haircut. ​​​​​​​​

Penny recalls her personal journey with curly hair. ​​​​​​​"My hair became curly while I was pregnant. I had grown it out during the pregnancy so I didn’t notice but after my baby was born I decided it was time to go short again. I had always worn my hair fairly short. I decided to do something like a pixie haircut. My bangs literally shrunk to maybe a half an inch long. I remember doing everything I could to try to stretch them out and make it look better.​​​​​​​​ On top of that, my husband asked me what happened to my hair when I got home. We were both in shock. My hair was totally different."

Compassion for Curls

Like many people with curly, textured hair, Penny's bad experience made her want to avoid getting a haircut. ​​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​​I grew my hair out quite a bit after that and began to embrace my newly curly hair. That experience gave me compassion for what other curly hair people have gone through."  The experience - and her new curls - inspired Penny to pursue more curly hair classes to learn the right way to cut curly hair and how to customize a haircut to different types of curls and different hair textures. ​​​​​"

curly blonde haircut colubus INThe Best Curly Haircut is Customized

Are your curls happy? If you've got the right haircut, your curly will look very happy and bouncy. If there isn’t enough movement within the cut, your hair will feel heavy and look lifeless. It is so much fun to watch curls come to life with just the right touch of my shears. Every head of curls is unique and wave patterns can vary around the head, so the only way to cut curly hair is with a custom approach every time.

How Often to Cut Curly Hair

How often should you get a curly hair cut? Curly hair can go much longer in between routine cuts than straight hair because of all the texture. It may feel like your curly isn't growing but it has a normal growth rate, but it just grows in loops. The ideal interval for routine haircuts for curly hair is somewhere between every 3-4 months. It depends on your hair goals and the shape you want to maintain.

How to Train Your Curly Hair

Resident curly hair expert Penny Hundley says it's amazing what your curls can do with the right approach.  For best results, if you're overdue, start with a haircut to trim away raspy ends or splits that cause the hair to be tangled. Choose the right styling products, avoid heavy butters and creams which can weigh the hair down. (Penny likes MOMO Modeling Gel and MOMO Curl Building Serum by Davines)  Try the "plopping method" of piling your hair on top of your head to encourage natural curl formation as your hair dries. Do a quick online search to get a visual for this air-dry method, or use a diffuser to scrunch and build your curls as you dry your hair.

Curls & Color...You CAN Have Both

Can you have healthy curls and have hair color? YES! You can add highlights to your curly hair and still have buttery soft and healthy hair. We use the Davines professional color line and products like K18 to protect hair during the lightening process. We also recommend using K18 at home to keep your hair strong.

Finally, hair stylists how know how to cut curly hair.

Come to Blondie's Salon and Spa and let our curly hair experts help you discover the best version of your hair. ​​​​​​​​


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