Jane Ferris

jane about pageHello, I am Jane Ferris and I am a barber working in the Barber Room at Blondie's Salon & Spa in Columbus.

I've had a life-long passion for precision hair cutting. At your first visit with me, we can talk and pull up photos to zero in on ideas to apply the best detail, balance & grooming for a personalized hairstyle. High, medium, low fades, undercuts and long hair styles - I can do them all. Request for a flat-top, or an entire head shave?

I am here for the opportunity to create classic to trending styles. Line-up of brow, beard, & neck, with hot lather/towel treatment makes for a relaxing addition, and a shampoo gets you back to the office or gym ready to go.

Clients have said they view me as an Artist, that I get into 'the Zone'. My response is "your haircut is my sculpture project!" As a matter of fact, I do have an Art Degree, and a Classical Music Degree.

I've lived and worked in the hair trade starting in Indianapolis, IN. Then, Greenwich Village, New York City and Chicago, IL. About five years ago, I came to Columbus which I now call home.

When not at the barber chair, I love to get outside at dawn for typically a 5 mile run. It was thrilling to complete 15 Half and 1 Full Marathon so far. Other pursuits are fine art painting, furniture and interior painting work.

I look forward to making all of my clients feel great about their appearance. Please know that your first visit will become many happy returns!