Balayage & Highlights, Blonde Hair Techniques

There 's a lot of thought that goes into a Blondie's Blonde, so if you want to work with an expert for your highlights, balayage or blonde hair, we are your salon! ​​​​​​​​

Adding blonde highlights or recreating the look of natural blonde hair takes the art of hair color to a whole new level! In order to get gorgeous, natural looking results, our team of stylists are continually studying color placement techniques and trends so that they can flawlessly execute that Pinterest inspiration photo. Understanding color theory, strategic light and dark placement, and how to adjust for hair porosity/hair condition with color intensity - these are just a few ways we design the best result for you.

Blonde Hair Goals, Bleach & Tone

A bleach and tone service is the application of lightener all over the head followed by a toner. There are so many different blonde colors to choose from, so we’re sure you'll find the perfect blonde hair color for you!  Our blonding service allows us to give you complete blonde coverage with a permanent hair color or bleaching service.  From buttery blondes and golden honey blondes to platinum ice white blondes and ash blondes, our skilled blonde hair experts can create a beautiful blonde color that suits you and your sense of style.

Foil Highlights

Even through balayage is quite popular, foil highlights are STILL a fabulous way to lighten your hair.  There are ways to do these traditional highlights that look current and on trend. It’s all in the placement of of the highlights, which can be customized to your haircut and personal preferences. Ideal if you want to create a dimension blonde look vs going blonde all-over.  Foil highlights are also a good way to blend in gray hairs.  Recommended maintenance is usually between 6-10 weeks. We charge an hourly rate for this service.

Highlights & Lowlights

How does a blonde go darker for fall? By adding some lowlights into the mix! Adding some lowlights in with your highlights is a great way to give dimension to your blonde and make the brighter pieces pop! Since we don’t use permanent color to create the lowlights, it is easy to go lighter again later.

Dimensional Blonde Hair

Sometimes hair can get too light all over and ends up looking like one solid color. Want your blonde to look bright? Blonde pieces look brighter against darker pieces of hair. This dimension makes those light blonde pieces pop and makes hair more visually interesting. This can be achieved either by letting more of your natural base color show, or darker pieces can be created with lowlights.

Blonde Hair Not Bright Enough?

Have you ever felt like your blonde wasn’t bright enough? Sometimes we ask for more and more highlights because we're not feeling the brightness when actually you need more contrast!  Less is more in this case.  Your hair will seem more refined and luxurious (and feel healthier) if you go for some contrast in the right places or enhance your base color rather than adding more and more highlights.

Sparkle & Shine  - Money Piece Highlights

This express highlight service is great for those want a few bright pieces without the time commitment of the full foil process.  This process uses bleach or permanent hair color to lighten a portion of the hair, typically around the face. Some people refer to these as the Money Piece highlights, may because you get a nice pop of bright for your buck.  Go for a Sparkle and Shine to brighten up in between your full highlight services.  Recommended maintenance is usually between 6-10 weeks.

Balayage, Hand Painting

This is a French highlighting technique that creates softer, sun-kissed highlights vs foil highlights. The highlights begin at varying lengths from the root, allowing for a softer grow outline and requires less maintenance than traditional full highlights. We can create a wide range of shades including blonde balayage, brunette balayage, and even red balayage. Balayage is trendy, but it’s not for everyone. If you prefer brighter, more obvious highlights, your hair color expert may suggest a foil highlighting technique. 

Balayage is easier on the hair, it does not cause a lot of bleach damage. Typical maintenance is every 8-12 weeks. We charge an hourly rate for a full balayage service so we can create a beautiful bespoke balayage look for you. We also offer a partial balayage service.

Balayage & Highlights Cost

You can find all of our pricing here, including the cost of our balayage and highlight services. For practical reasons, some of our services are priced on an hourly rate vs a fixed price. The amount of time required to treat the entire head can vary, and so can the technique. When an hourly rate applies, we include a haircut, toner, conditioning/Olaplex so that everything you need is included in the rate. An hourly rate applies to the following hair color services: Full Highlights, Full Balayage, All Over Bleach & Tone, Vivid Color, Corrective Hair Color.

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