Waterfall Beaded Row Method for Hair Extensions at Blondie's Salon

blondies hair extensions columbusWhen it comes to hair extensions at Blondie's Salon, we offer multiple styles, although we tend to favor hand tied wefts. We find them to be the most comfortable extensions for our clients, and the most realistic looking. We have a lot of experience applying hand tied extensions which is why we often use the WBR method, or a waterfall beaded row.

What is a Waterfall Beaded Row?

The waterfall beaded row is the name of an attachment technique, a name that takes its cue from the flowing style of the waterfall braid. Using strands of hair, we link together multiple attachments in a chain fashion.

How is the Waterfall Beaded Row method different?

The big difference between any attachment method for weft extensions is the components, not the hair itself. Rather than using nylon string, we use your hair to make the chain. This reduces bulk and helps to keep your bonds hidden from view. Many salons apply wefts with a classic beaded row and pre-strung components to be more efficient. However, our extensions experts at Blondie's prefer the WBR method because it's a better fit for those with fine or fragile hair.

  • Better weight distribution for fragile hair, hair that's lightened frequently
  • Less slippage if you have super fine hair
  • Better coverage of the bonds for thin hair

Thinking about hair extensions?

We love hand tied wefts, but not everyone should wear them. It's all about finding the best fit for you. So before settling on a specific hair extensions type or method, we'll help you determine what's the best choice for your hair type and lifestyle. Our advice? Don't get caught up in the latest lingo, and keep in open mind. Let the experts at Blondie's break it down for you so that you're thrilled with your choice and the results.

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