Root Tap with Money Piece

Blondes, are you wanting a fall hair color but don’t want to lose brightness? The hair color experts at Blondie's Salon & Spa say that a root tap with a money piece is perfect for the fall. Use your natural base color! Smudging that down can give you that dark color you want, and money piece highlights around the face will add the pop of brightness you need.

What is a root tap hair color?

Root tapping is when we apply a small amount of hair color, in a shade that mimics your natural base color, just to the roots of your hair. It's like a mini root smudge. A Root Taps is perfect for blonde and light clients who want to still be blonde but want to warm up their color for fall.

If you want to extend that root color a little further, emphasize the brightness around the face with money piece highlights.