BTL Vanquish Body Contouring

a slim woman in her undewear measures her waist with a tape measure.

Vanquish eliminates unwanted deposits of fat from your body and can eliminate up to 59% of fat cells. This means you can transform your body with this body contouring treatment to a greater degree than other contouring treatments can accomplish. The treatment can melt away inches of fat from your body, and help you reduce the size of your pants, dress, or belt. You will feel more comfortable in your clothing and more confident in your body.

This device is unique as it is not limited to patients of a lower body mass index or BMI and can be used to treat patients with a BMI range higher than 30. It is also the only device of its kind that can treat a large area of the body without significantly increasing your treatment time.

The body contouring treatment does not involve a handheld tool and does not come in contact with the body. Instead, the treatment uses a harness system that wraps around the circumference of the midsection. During the treatment, you are kept comfortable, and the heat from the radiofrequency energy will not damage your skin and tissue.


  • Pricing varies depending on the area treated, but starts out as follows:
  • Thighs (1 hour) - $500
  • Upper arms (1 hour) - $500
  • Stomach & Flanks/Love handles (30 min) - $400
  • Bra Fat (30 min) - $400

Most clients need 4 treatments to see desired results, so we have created discount packages for those wishing to purchase 4 treatment bundles.

  • Thighs or Upper Arms – 4 sessions for $1600
  • Stomach or Bra Fat – 4 sessions for $1200

Am I a Good Candidate?

Before you undergo treatment, you should be in good health and mentally prepared for a body contouring transformation. The device allows us to treat a wide variety of body sizes, so you may still be treated if you have a BMI above the average range. You can be treated and experience excellent results regardless of your age, gender, and skin tone. This non-invasive and non-surgical treatment minimizes risk and recovery time, so it is ideal if you are reluctant to undergo surgery or liposuction.

The treatment is safe for most patients, and we will ensure that the treatment will be beneficial for you personally through an initial consultation and evaluation. During this consultation, we will ask you about your medical history and health to find any allergies, recent surgeries, or pre-existing conditions that would interfere in your treatment. We do not recommend treatment if you are pregnant or nursing. Patients with metal implants, pacemakers or other implanted devices should also avoid treatment.

Getting ready for your body contouring experience will not result in significant changes to your normal routine. You will not need to follow a strict diet or workout routine to reach your ideal results. We recommend increasing your water intake the day before the treatment and drinking at least your recommended daily amount of water. A light meal before your session and some light exercise will also increase your preparation for the treatment. When you come to your treatment session, come in comfortable clothing with no jewelry or piercings.

Can the Entire Body Be Treated?

Vanquish Treatments is not an ideal treatment for every area of the body, but the areas where stubborn fat is deposited are easily treated. These are problem areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. Typical areas where patients seek treatment for stubborn fat are the abdomen and flanks, which can be treated simultaneously, eliminating “love handles” and belly fat.

The back, upper arms, and bra strap area can also be treated. We can also eliminate fat from the inner and outer thighs. The treatment device can be used on any body size without touching the skin and provides consistent body contouring results.

About Results

When Will You See Results?

You may only need a single session to reach your body contouring goals. On average, patients reach their desired results within four quick sessions, depending on the amount of fat being eliminated. Each session is completed in 30 to 45 minutes, and larger areas of the body can be treated without a significant increase in treatment time. If you need more than one session, you will need to wait at least one week between treatment sessions for the best results.

Your results will come in a natural time frame because the body naturally removes the destroyed fat cells as waste. You will notice a more lean figure after two to three weeks. This can be advantageous, because the results are not sudden, and most people will not notice you had a treatment. Your results will continue to improve for several months as the cells are metabolized and eliminated.

Are the Results Permanent?

The fat cells that are eliminated through treatment are completely destroyed and will not regenerate or recover. Typically, patients do not have a problem preserving their body contouring results. It is not necessary to undergo regular treatments to maintain the results, so once your treatment is completed you will not need to return for a touch-up. For the best results and longevity of your treatment results, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential, but you will not need to follow a strict regimen.

Can You Still Gain Weight After Treatment?

Weight gain and fat growth is still a possibility after the treatment, but any fat will be much less noticeable. Gaining fat happens when fat cells become enlarged, so with fewer fat cells to enlarge, you will not see much fat in the treated areas of your body. Typically, the fat and weight stay off after the treatment, and you will likely be motivated to become more active and take better care of your health after body sculpting.

If you were embarrassed to go to the gym or the beach, body contouring can help improve your confidence. A light workout routine and a healthy diet are all you will need to keep fat off of your body. If you notice untreated areas of your body are becoming larger, an additional Vanquish session will quickly eliminate any stubborn pockets.


BTL Vanquish is cleared by the FDA to eliminate fat with its unique circumferential radiofrequency treatment. The device will not touch your skin, and you can sit or lay down during the treatment and read or use a mobile device to pass the time. Tissue and skin will not be burned or scarred by the device and will remain at a comfortable temperature. Some patients describe the sensation from the radiofrequency device as being similar to a hot stone massage.

The treatment is completed at our Med Spa in Columbus, Indiana and you will be able to return to work or your normal routine immediately after. Some patients even choose to undergo their treatment sessions during their lunch break, so it will not interfere in their workday or evening plans. You can get light exercise after the treatment and should continue to drink plenty of water the day of the treatment.